About me


I’m a Russian-American artist & writer based in Pasadena, California. Today, I work as an interface designer. I was born and (mostly) raised in Moscow, moving to California in 2014.

I hold a Design | Media Arts degree from UCLA. I was one of the only two interns at Are.na. I was "patient zero" of social justice feminism on the Russian web. I taught children how to program at UCode, and am currently at a programming retreat at the Recurse Center.

About this website

asyaplugged.in is hosted on Github Pages, and is currently running on the Zola static site generator. I built the front-end myself, albeit relying on some modified snippets from the Karzok, zola.386 and Float themes. Huge shout-out to Konrad Geletey – this design started with his Karzok theme, which is structured in a way I had a lot of disagreements with, and ultimately ended up teaching me a lot of pivotal lessons about Tera and npm.

I am hoping to soon implement commenting on my blog via utterances. I'd really love to build a similar tool, but based on Telegram post comments instead of GitHub issues. If this sounds like fun to you and you're down to collaborate, drop me a line on Twitter or some other social media that I'm on all the time ;)

You can read more about the conceptual and creative aspects of my site at the Hello World blog post.