About me


I’m an interface designer & bodyhacker exploring the cybernetic interplay between human and machine. Originally from Moscow, I relocated to California in 2014 and now reside in South Pasadena.

My creative practice revolves around Quantified Self representations, temporary magnet and chip "implant" manicures, and recently, tattoos (or as I see them, dermal HCI interfaces). I also practice restorative yoga from a cybernetic, accessibility-minded perspective.

As a counterculture teen blogger in Russia, I was among the earliest voices openly discussing intersectional feminism and LGBTQ+ issues online, inspiring a wave of activism that continues today. Since obtaining a Design Media Arts degree from UCLA, my career has spanned graphic design, web development, teaching programming, and a stint as a motorcycle food courier.

Auxiliary pursuits include pro-bono (legal and medical) interpreting for Russian/Ukrainian immigrants and refugees, prototyping functional jewelry, and producing ambient/hyperpop musical experiments with regional vocalizations.

Ultimately, I strive to present the human form as a naturalized cyborg - a biological entity already integrated with technology that can be aesthetically and somatically reconfigured to expand personal agency.

About this website

asyaplugged.in is hosted on Github Pages, and is currently running on the Zola static site generator. I built the front-end myself, albeit relying on some modified snippets from the Karzok, zola.386 and Float themes. Huge shout-out to Konrad Geletey – this design started with his Karzok theme, which is structured in a way I had a lot of disagreements with, and ultimately ended up teaching me a lot of pivotal lessons about Tera and npm.

I am hoping to soon implement commenting on my blog via utterances. I'd really love to build a similar tool, but based on Telegram post comments instead of GitHub issues. If this sounds like fun to you and you're down to collaborate, drop me a line on Twitter or some other social media that I'm on all the time ;)

You can read more about the conceptual and creative aspects of my site at the Hello World blog post.