Creative Coding at RC

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Introduction & Credits

Welcome to the guide for the Creative Coding Meetup at the Virtual Recurse Center.

The meetup was started by Ray Fong, then led by Andrew Joseph Turley, who passed the torch to Howard Halim, who finally passed it to me.

However, the creative-coding Zulip stream has messages going all the way back to February 20, with the first one from Sol Sarratea. We now coordinate in another stream, Creative Coding Meetup.

What happens at Creative Coding?

Each week a random prompt is picked, then we spend 90 minutes making something and meet back up to share what we made. Don't worry about perfectionism, just come have fun. Here are some of the generators we have used to produce creative prompts:

You can use whatever language or tools you are comfortable or uncomfortable with.

Creativity manifests in different ways, so don't feel restricted to making something visual, "artistic", or even related to the chosen prompt. This is the place to make whatever your heart and mind desires!

Here are some common choices:

Coordinate in the Creative Coding Zulip topic. Showing off your work is encouraged!


I am leisurely amalgamating a lot of materials on an page, creative-coding-for-all. Feel free to add to it! I also have some more structured resources to peruse here:

Misc Inspiration

CSS Resources

ML Art Resources

Some UCLA Design | Media Class Websites with their own resource / reference collections

I recommend checking out the past versions of core DMA classes, as each one has its own website with varying resource lists.

History, Context of Media Art, Generative Art, Creative Coding

misc creative coders and their work

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