January Gains

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While it may be a little on-the-nose to start a personal accountability blog series in a January, it just so happened that I got extraordinarily motivated this recent December 2023 by my little brother. I locked in, as he'd say, and as a result, saw some exciting changes on my smart scale:

Aside from these encouraging metrics, I also have some personal achievements to be proud of:

I think it's important to mention that the progress from this January isn't fair to characterize as progress just from one single month. Over the years that I've held various gym memberships and worked towards having a solid fitness routine, I've experimented with a plethora of strategies and approaches, and made a lot of mistakes along the way. These mistakes were vital for me to make, without them I wouldn't have all the information I do today. In general, I don't think that most people take the time to honor the hard work of the "bumbling fool" period we all go through when focused on a specific goal.

My own "bumbling fool" era was rife with confusions about cardio vs strength, workout split questions, figuring out how to choose a PT, should I sync my workouts to my cycle, which gym do I prefer going to, getting over gym shyness, how to use machines, exercise form, exercise form, proper attire, injury prevention, and so on and so forth.

There's still plenty that I'm clueless about, and that's what the actionable goal tracking is about. While sometimes numbers on the scale may not move (but recomp is occurring), sometimes even bodycomp numbers won't move either – so by focusing on celebrating what I've actually done and learned in each month of my committed fitness journey should theoretically prevent me from losing wind in my sails if I hit a plateau when it comes to my quantitative goals.

February Intentions

Depending on how well my February accomplishments align with these intentions, I'd like March/April to start bringing my functional goals into the horizon: calisthenics and breaking.