Feeling Like a Space

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hf and what feeling like a space is like

The 2015 Homuncular Flexibility paper recently resurfaced from a trending post on Twitter. I'd like to think that tweeting out the words HOLY SHIT and a link to a paper about something like, I don't know, deep image reconsctruction from fMRI imaging of brain activity would have a similarly mass-exciting result, but I digress. The discussion around the human ability to learn how to control and sense bodies very different from their own prompted me to think about the way in which we have learned to embody digital spaces, which are of course very different from physical spaces.

Websites and screen-based interfaces produce the sensation

the 3D metaverse is still in its relatively early stages,


tools are interpreted by the brain as an extension of the human body. haptic feedback, color schemes,

work-arounds, affordances

Self regulation via peripheral attention management.

I'm sure you've seen this recent video trend you're shown footage of eye catching gaming footage with an unrelated story is

Once I heard a "focus hack" where you put a makeup pallette on your workdesk and allow yourself to rest your gaze on it instead of reaching for your phone and getting sucked into an endless-scrolling distraction trap.

feeling like a language, feeling like an era